Csillagszem BT. is a small, completely private company (SME), located in Budapest (Hungary), founded in 1997.

We own equipped laboratory with all devices and instruments for manufacturing of membrane based rapid tests.


1) Developing and manufacturing membrane based, in vitro rapid diagnostic tests, in which sandwich and competitive immunoassay techniques are applied for detection of the analytes, among others fertility hormones (e.g. hCG) and drugs of abuse (DOA) tests, since 2002;

2) Protein conjugation and purification;

3) Preparation and translation of scientific texts (patents) in the field of biotechnology and biological chemistry.


Pregnancy test (commercial name: PREGNASENS) in urine samples, for self testing. It is approved by competent authorities, CE marked and distributed on the local market since 2004.

Products under development

1) DOA, successfully achieved the development of multicomponent drugs of abuse test (10 analytes), this project is supported by EU sources and Hungarian government between 2004 and 2006.

2) LH rapid test, urine, for self testing

3) Alcohol, saliva, for self testing

Distributors wanted!

Contribution for co-operation in R&D projects

Csillagszem is ready to participate in EU-supported projects in diagnostic field. We can offer POC (point-of-care) diagnostic technology, specifically the rapid test technology, in order to develop unique, marketable rapid test(s), which can be used without laboratory background.

Specific skills

  1. Development and optimization technology for conventional immunoassays;
  2. Development and optimization technology for immunoassays based, in vitro rapid diagnostic test for any selected target analyte, if feasible;
  3. Labeling of proteins, mainly detection antibodies with markers generally applied in diagnostic tests, primarily with colloidal gold, optionally latex;
  4. Purification of proteins, protein conjugates.


Name:            Csillagszem Bt.

Address:        Templom utca 32 Budapest 1028 Hungary

Phone: +36 30 828 4912


Contact person: Denes Sziva, General Manager

Tax ID No.: HU28697367